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Image Lock Software is the best software in the category. You can download free demo of the Image Lock Software Software by submitting the form which will help you to get better assistance from our customer care.

Download prerequisites for Image Lock Software

This software is built on Microsoft .Net platform. As well as installation package is created using Windows Installer. So if both of these things are not installed on your computer then you can download & install it from the links below.

How to Uninstall Image Lock Software

  • Go to Control Panel and double click Add/Remove programs (Programs and Features – Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10)
  • Wait for the installed software list to be populated;
  • Locate Image Lock Software in this list, highlight it and then click Uninstall;
  • Wait for the uninstall process to complete.

Remote Support Software

For better online support from our technicians you may like to download Ammyy Admin or TeamViewer

Project Converter

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