Frequently Asked Questions

1) Invalid serial key?

1) Check whether the hardware id is same as filled in registration form while activation
2) Run as administrator (REFER Q NO. 6 or click here to see the video)
3) Re-enter the serial key and click on register.

2) "Syntax Error" appear when you import the excel file?

1) Remove any type of punctuations such as . , ‘ “ / … etc from the frist row of excel file.
1) Check whether the "sheet" name is "sheet1" if not please rename it to "sheet1"
3) Save the excel file in 97-2003 and now import it in id creator and try again.

3) Photos doesn’t appear/missing after generating the cards?

1) Please check whether photo name and the name inserted in excel photo column are same.
2) If the photo name is alphanumeric (for eg.. Dsc_ 452), you need to give it an extension of jpeg ,jpg, png etc
If you are still unable to import the photos using above two methods please Download our latest version of BHARTI ID CREATOR

4) Phone numbers or date of birth cannot be imported / or doesn’t appear or appears wrong after generating ?

1) Check whether the number column in excel file is converted into text.
2) For process of converting the column into text, please follow the steps below.
a) select the entire column.
b)Right click -> Format cells.
c) select the ‘Text’ field from categories -> click on ok
OR Click here to see the video

5) Data field appear empty/blank in the design mode?

1) Please ensure whether the excel file is saved in 97-2003 format
2) To save file in 97-2003 format, please follow the below steps.
a) Open exel file
b) File-> save as -> Excel 97- 2033 workbook -> save

6) Run as administrator

1) Open the root folder of the software (c:\ programe files\Bharti\ ID creator)
2) Right click on the card icon -> properties-> compatibility -> mark the checkbox (Run as administrator) -> appy

7) ID card size gets reduced after generation

1) Check whether the canvas size and template size is same
2) If still facing the same problem, please download the new setup of Bharti id creator and install it after removing the old one.